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Last month I presented about “Optimizing UI Performance in Android Apps” at DroidCon India. The event was organized well by the hasgeek folks. It was a great pleasure to present to Bangaloreans — having worked there for three years! There were a lot of startups solving really big problems in Android. One of them had a medical app with 24 different graphs to be shown. He wanted to zoom in and out of any of those, without causing OOMs in bitmap. The other group worked on a Ski resort map. They had huge bitmaps, one superimposed over another, for different Ski routes. And another app had a ton of emoji to be shown without hitting the disk for each emoji. There were few kids out of school jumping into Android development before joining a big company. Few were interesting in joining startups and consultancies right out of school. Overall it was a great experience altogether.

Here’s a link to the slides and a video of the talk.